MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] v3.2 APK FULL

MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] v3.2 APK FULL


This is Xposed module for MIUI 7. You must install Xposed framework or WSM in order to run this module.

This module fixes issues and adds new features:

  •  Fixes that MIUI replaces apps’ statusbar icons with apps’ shortcuts, now you can see your special information back!
  •  Returns back contacts’ avatars into statusbar/ lockscreen/ top banner for IM apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and others.
  •  Change size of statusbar elements, which could be too small for selected devices with high resolution screens or hide.
  •  Adjust time alignment to the center/ to the right for the statusbar or iOS-style layout.
  •  Adjust colors for statusbar elements and behavior whes statusbar background become light.
  •  Some more. Please look at screenshots

From version 2.0+ app contains not only statusbar tweaks but more:

  • Smart touch section. Do you like doubletap screen off option? x2, x3, long taps are present for: Edge hotkeys, Homescreen hotkeys, Statusbar hotkeys, Lockscreen hotkeys. A lot of commands like in Mi-Key.
  • Hardware buttons tweaks section: Fake fingerprint, Home button lock/unlock screen, Volume buttons controls music player, Cursor movement, Fast camera exec and more features.
  • Power tweaks section: Silent USB toggle, Automate unlocking, Fast power off, Cutomize bettery warnings level and others.
  • Launcher tweaks section: The new grid of the launcher, Sized changes, Automate close folders and open main launcher page, Hiding icon titles and more.

Languages included: English, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish.






MIUI Tweaks [Xposed] v3.2 APK FULL