M/N Dark theme Layers v1.4.5 Paid APK

M/N Dark theme Layers v1.4.5 Paid APK


This theme is exactly the one that Google put in Android M second preview and N, extended on more apps.

The theme has been tested on stock Android Marshmallow, Cataclysm ROM (hybrid AOSP/Stock ROM), Krexus and Minimal OS ROM (AOSP),Android N 4th beta doesn’t work well with themes, only SystemUI gets loaded. Don’t expect this theme to work well on it.

Themed elements:

  • Android N-ify XPosed module;
  • AOSP Contacts** ;
  • AOSP Dialer;
  • AOSP Launcher;
  • AOSP Messages;
  • Calculator;
  • Documents/Download UI;
  • ES File Explorer;
  • Framework-Res;
  • Google Calendar;
  • Google Chrome;
  • Google Contacts** ;
  • Google Dialer;
  • Google Drive;
  • Google Keep;
  • Google Hangouts;
  • Google Inbox;
  • Google Launcher/Now;
  • Google Mail;
  • Google Messenger;
  • Google Play Music;
  • Google Play Store;
  • Google Plus;
  • Google Translate;
  • Kernel Adiutor’s dark mode;
  • Nova Launcher’s searchbar;
  • N style notifications;
  • Package Installer;
  • Root Explorer dark theme;
  • Settings;
  • SuperSU;
  • SystemUI;
  • Telegram (only partially themed. For full theme use Plus Messenger, a Telegram client, and download this and apply it from personalisation settings: goo.gl/VPvSVO );
  • WhatsApp.

Layers Dark RRO theme stock Marshmallow Android 6 6.0






M/N Dark theme Layers v1.4.5 Paid APK