Name-Days Pro v1.8 APK FULL

Name-Days Pro v1.8 APK FULL


Name-days Pro: the new app of Looigi’Soft that will allow you to remind you of anniversaries of your closest friends. Through this application and its related widget, in fact, you will not miss not even a saint of the day and every one of them you will discover the life and the most interesting features of their earthly lives.

Aside from the widget, which at a glance will reveal to you, the Saint of the day, the procedure will cycle through the names in your address book to find all occurrences of the current date and possibly to ship to your best friend a text message of congratulations fully automatic ?. You just have to choose the message from already-set or write a new one and press the enter key.

The app will also allow the research to find out which day refers to the name-day of any name.

A simple note: we have noticed that on some phones, start the widget without first running the app once, could lead to an unexpected procedure?. If, however, you start the procedure before you install the widget and then there will be no problem. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please communicate any errors or inaccuracies in the db of the Saints.






Name-Days Pro v1.8 APK FULL