nanoConverter v0.8.98 APK FULL

nanoConverter v0.8.98 APK FULL


nanoConverter – is a simple, small, easy to use and fast converter open source for Android. You will always know the current exchange rates for exchange and can easily transfer them among themselves.


  •  Convert currency between themselves
  •  View and use current exchange rates
  •  Possibility of battery life
  •  Courses can be viewed with respect to the different currencies of your choice
  •  Exchange rates of the central banks of different countries as well as the Forex, on the user’s choice.
  •  Your own currencies
  •  Automatic updating courses at your wish
  •  it is possible to choose from any of the central bank of the country receiving courses (Want more countries? Write about it in the comments)
  •  2 courses display method (Simple and inverse, the second is suitable for expensive currency, first for cheap)






nanoConverter v0.8.98 APK FULL