Next News Pro (Reader & Lock) v1.0.4 APK

Next News Pro (Reader & Lock) v1.0.4 APK

Next News Pro

Next News Pro (Reader & Lock) is a stylish news aggregator app combined with a lock screen feature (that allows you to grab the most important stories from various respected sites, and display them right into your lock screen).

Based on your reading interests, whether they are finance, tech, fashion or others, you’ll always have the breaking news headlines every time you want to unlock your phone.

The application features the following news categories: Sports, Gags, Food, News, Technology, Health, Fashion, Home and DIY, Travel, Fitness, Entertainment, Games, Business, Science, Startups. Choose whatever category suits you best!

Enjoy the premium content that is handpicked by our experienced editors, bookmark your favourite stories and read them later. You can also add the local weather forecast and a digital clock.
For enhanced security, you can activate the popular “pattern unlock” that is integrated in every Android phone.




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Next News Pro (Reader & Lock) v1.0.4 APK