One Day : The Sun Disappeared v1.0.2 (Paid) APK

One Day : The Sun Disappeared v1.0.2 (Paid) APK

One Day

“This is a really cool game. I’m into action platformers but I had some hesitancies hitting the “Buy” button. However, this game is pretty solid and very enjoyable and I don’t regret purchasing it.” – TouchArcade

The Story

One day, the Sun disappeared…

The world is about to turn into a ball of ice and something has to be done!

A boy starts on a journey to find the Sun and bring it back!

The Game

  • There are no additional In-App Purchases needed in the game. Buy it once and own it forever.
  • There are also no special personal skill type things:
    It all comes down to the weapons and items you selected and how you maneuver through the game.
  • Stamina plays a big role:
    You will not be able to endlessly attack or defend.
    The difference in stamina means the difference in your game.
    Managing stamina will be an important part of the game.
  • Character Ability:
    Your character’s ability can be upgraded with Gold. You can earn Gold by slaying monsters.
    Strength, Health, and Dexterity are the three abilities you can build up.
  • Various Gears:
    There are about 100 different gears available in this game. Some gears will dictate the styling of your character as well. Some gears are found in monsters and treasure chests.
  • Attribute System:
    Mosters will keep getting stronger as you advance. Keep in mind of the weapon attributes which can make a deciding difference.
  • Pet System:
    There will be pets there to accompany you through the journey. You won’t be lonely.
  • Game Recording System:
    You can also record the video of your plays and share them in a community.
  • Many Different Maps:
    Journey through several kinds of maps where you will encounter many of the local monsters. Each map even harbors special gears only found within.
  • Currently Supports Three Languages: Korean, English, and Japanese




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One Day : The Sun Disappeared v1.0.2 (Paid) APK