Pasty Pro – White Icon Pack v2.1.6 Paid APK

Pasty Pro – White Icon Pack v2.1.6 Paid APK


Pasty is an icon pack/theme with simple, clean, flat and minimalist white icons that work with the most popular launchers. Pasty also includes matching wallpapers and widgets for clocks, battery and weather. Widgets offer color, size, and font customization and hand-picked wallpapers of skies, clouds & landscapes are included. All icons are high definition featuring a transparent center that shows whichever background you’re using creating a clean and simple look for your android phone or tablet. Use the backgrounds included or try out your own to make your home screen basic and clean. Designed with the “keep it simple” mentality, these icons are optimized for easy recognition, while keeping your screen free of conflicting colors that don’t work together.Everything has a minimal and flat look, making your background really shine through the transparent centers of the icons. Each icon was designed with simple vector shapes in order to keep the overall look of your screen clean, flat and visually appealing from a design perspective.


  •  3,150+ Hand-crafted HD icons
  •  200+ HD wallpapers – Hosted on the cloud. Choose and save the ones you want. (All wallpapers shown are included)
  •  Muzei support for rotating wallpapers
  •  New Icons added constantly
  •  All wallpapers shown are included
  •  Two battery widgets
  •  Digital clock widget
  •  Analog Clock Widget
  •  Weather widget
  •  XXXHDPI high definition icons included for super large HD screens. All Icons are 192×192.
  •  200+ cloud/sky/landscape/Classical art wallpapers.
  •  Some parts of the flat icons are transparent letting each show the provided sky/landscape backgrounds or to your own backgrounds.
  •  Contains over 3,150 different clean, flat and simple icons with many variations of default icons such as phone, contacts, camera, etc.
  •  Wallpaper chooser comes installed.
  •  Easy link to request icons.
  •  Clean, white icons work best with dark wallpapers.
  •  Constantly updated along with my other icon packs!

Compatible Launchers (There are free versions of these. Dev recommends Nova Launcher)

  •  Apply icon pack with ADW Launcher – Recommended size: 110%
  •  Apply icon pack with Action Launcher
  •  Apply icon pack with Apex Launcher – Recommended size: 110%
  •  Apply icon pack with Atom Launcher
  •  Apply icon pack with Aviate Launcher
  •  Apply icon pack with Go Launcher
  •  Apply icon pack with Holo Launcher (through launcher settings)
  •  Apply icon pack with Inspire Launcher
  •  Apply icon pack with KK Launcher
  •  Apply icon pack with Lucid Launcher
  •  Apply icon pack with Next Launcher
  •  Apply icon pack with Nine Launcher
  •  Apply icon pack with Nova Launcher – Recommended size: 110%
  •  Apply icon pack with Solo Launcher
  •  Apply icon pack with Smart Launcher
  •  Apply icon pack with Themer
  •  Apply icon pack with TSF
  •  Apply icon pack with Unicon



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Pasty Pro – White Icon Pack v2.1.6 Paid APK