Pip-Boy 3000 Live Wallpaper v1.16 APK FULL

Pip-Boy 3000 Live Wallpaper v1.16 APK FULL

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Transform your device into a Pip-Boy 3000 from Fallout 3 and New Vegas, with this fully animated and customizable live wallpaper!

Features ( Include pro ) :

  • Animated background and foreground scanlines
  • Extremely customizable and easy to use Settings menu
  • Material Design! (for Settings menu)
  • Configurable opacity, color, thickness, animation speed, framerate, font size and more!
  • Includes 8 preset color themes, including classic Fallout 3 green and New Vegas amber, as well as a new color changing Rainbow theme and a Battery theme that changes from green to red to indicate your phone’s battery level!
  • Allows the use of custom colors so you can style your Pip-Boy as you prefer
  • Emblems from various factions and organizations across the Wasteland which you can apply to your Pip-Boy’s background
  • UI frames with built-in clock, battery indicator and date widgets that are both toggleable and resizable
  • Fixed bug in Custom Colors, should work perfectly now

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Pip-Boy 3000 Live Wallpaper v1.16 APK FULL