Que Zooper Widget Skin v1.0 APK FULL

Que Zooper Widget Skin v1.0 APK FULL

Que Skin is a home-screen widget template pack for Zooper widget. Display your notifications for Facebook, Google+, Hangouts, Email, Music, Weather and much more with a clean and highly functional layout.

(This was designed for 16:9 aspect eg. 720x1280p / 1080x1920p etc. some editing may be required for other resolutions)

The following apps are required for its functionality
Zooper Companion App – http://goo.gl/0WZZLB
Media Utilities – http://goo.gl/HP1Kqr
More Shortcuts – http://goo.gl/757URQ
Yahoo Weather – http://goo.gl/H9dBeI
PopUp Widget – http://goo.gl/Fzus4a
Customization Home Launcher App – Apex Launcher is recommended http://goo.gl/tQk0bm


1. Setting up Your Apex Launcher. (other Launchers may not have these functions)

Using Apex Launcher, press menu key while on home screen and choose “Apex Settings”
choose “Homescreen settings”
Change Portrait Grid to 10 ROWS – 5 COLUMNS then OK.
Change “Horizontal margin” and “Vertical margin” to “None”
Scroll to “Show persistent search bar” and select ‘never’.
tick the checkboxes for “hide notification bar” and “Hide shadows”.
press back once.
Go to “Dock settings” and turn off using the toggle button, then press back
Go to “Behavior Settings”, Choose “Home key action”, select ‘show app drawer’
scroll to “Gestures”, select “Swipe down”, select ‘Show notifications’ and press back
go to “Advanced settings”, select “Widget padding” and select None.
Now your launcher is set up! 🙂

2. Install Zooper Widget

3.Setting Up PopUp Widget for the Side Bar

If you would like the side bar to show, please install Popup Widget before you proceed, otherwise go to step 4.
Once You have installed Popup Widget, Download the 2 Popup Widget Backup files from the link below, go to your INTERNAL SD and put them in a folder named “PopupWidget_backup”, if the folder doesn’t exist, manually create a folder in your INTERNAL SD storage.


Once done open Popup widget from app drawer, select icon in top left corner of screen
check mark “Full screen”
then select “Restore” and ok
once restore is complete, tap in the middle of the new widget, then select save icon
exit popup widget

4. Install Notifier for Zooper, open from app drawer and follow in app instructions.

5. Setting up Zooper Widget
With an empty home screen, long press home screen and select “Widgets”
Scroll to Zooper widget and select any size, long press the new widget and resize to fill entire screen, then tap widget.
Select Que Zooper Widget Skin, then choose the Home.Main Screen widget.
scroll to “Global Preferences” and choose your preferred weather Provider Yahoo

6. Side Bar
Touch the left side of the screen (refer to screenshots above)
tap the widget template
select Que Zooper Widget Skin
select side bar then exit.

You can find wallpaper from screenshots here:






Que Zooper Widget Skin v1.0 APK FULL