Quick Camera – Hidden Camera v1.3.0.2 APK Full

Quick Camera – Hidden Camera v1.3.0.2 APK Full

Hidden Camera

Quick Camera is app help you take photo, secret video record by one click into icon. Quick Camera lets you to do secret spy shots in front of people and nobody sees that. Press icon TAKE PICTURE(black and white) to take photo. If your device can’t find “Take Photo” Icon then can use Widget to take photo

Support Android 6.0 To use app you need allow all permission which app request to use can app


  • One click icon to take photo
  • One click icon to secret video record
  • Preview after take photo
  • No sound when take photo
  • Pull to refresh gallery images
  • Multiple share and delete photo after take photo
  • Choose camera resolution of back and front camera in settings
  • Enable Flashlight when capture
  • Show notification to quick open photo and vibrate effect when images saved
  • Support Big Widget Take photo icon
  • Support floating Camera icon
  • Support preview mod before take photo and record video
  • Support Night Vision mode when record video in low light environment
  • Support Security Settings




Hidden Camera 2

Hidden Camera 1

Quick Camera – Hidden Camera v1.3.0.2 APK Full