Radioactivity Counter v1.8 APK

Radioactivity Counter v1.8 APK


Radioactivity Counter

This is a real working radioactivity counter. You only need a BLACK TAPE to cover the lenses !!

Disclaimer: The type of radiation picked up by the camera can be dangerous/detrimental to the user’s health as well as cause damage to the device.

Its NOT a JOKE! The App is using the camera sensor to detect radiation, like a geiger mueller counter, of course with a smaller area. We tested several mobile phones at the Helmholtz research facility in Munich, using a professional radiation device in the range of 2-10 µGy/h till 1-10 Gy/h (CS137 and CO60). The CMOS sensors can detect primary gamma radiation and some higher beta radiation (depends on the shieldings in the mobile phone). Typically not going into saturation as most GM tubes. See FAQ on our homepage for what you can measure and how.
PLEASE SEND US FEEDBACK via EMAIL !! We add new devices in short intervals.

Attention: the tape must shield the light completely. Please check with a light source !
On our homepage you find several measurement result for different devices we tested so far. Some are excellent, some not that sensitive.
Feel free to use our table to assign radiation values to our counter measurements when you have the same device.
The real values might differ as sensors can change. There we need your help and the help of the manufactures for a future calibration service.
You can use the contact button in the help menu to provide us with feedback and please use it.


  •  saving raw counter values in 3 different noise levels
  •  saving temperature data
  •  saving location (optional)
  •  saving settings data
  •  export by email (CSV) or file, CSV / HTML
  •  export of mean values in Counts + standarddeviation
  •  unit converter (Sievert, Gray, Rem…)






Radioactivity Counter v1.8 APK