RazerGo chat for Pokémon GO v2.1.6 APK

RazerGo chat for Pokémon GO v2.1.6 APK


RazerGo – Location based chat for Pokémon GO

We’re helping you be the very best trainer (like no one ever was) by bridging the communications gap with our location-location based chat app – RazerGo. Discover, team-up and chat with fellow Pokémon GO players in your vicinity today!


  • Location-based chat:
    Find and team up with nearby players, or give a shout out to the region and the world on that new rare Pokémon that you’ve just caught with a distance-slider.
  • Team-based chat:
    Coordinating a gym conquest? Toggle from public to team to individual whispers and communicate with absolute ease.
  • 100% chat uptime, reliable and stable:
    Built on our robust Razer chat infrastructure, RazerGo is designed to ensure that your journey to be a Pokémon master goes smoothly with minimal disruptions.






RazerGo chat for Pokémon GO v2.1.6 APK