Real Rain Drops Pro LWP v1.1 APK FULL

Real Rain Drops Pro LWP v1.1 APK FULL


Using this live wallpaper, you can take with yourself a small part of the nature. Wallpapers have a realistic effect of raindrops on a glass. There are 2 types of parallax (standard and depending on the movement of the device). You can choose from 15 cool backgrounds or can use your background, change the setting for the lens effect of raindrops. Behind glass from time to time it is raining, lightings also flash, it happens randomly. . When there is the pouring rain, drops begin to flow quickly from the glass and then drip on the glass again. Drops movement is made realistic and never repeats. If you take a picture of the view from your window and will add to this wall-paper, it will be your favorite wallpaper.


  •  15 backgrounds
  •  The ability to use your own image for the background
  •  Adjusting for changes in the proportions of the background
  •  Flashing light
  •  Lightning
  •  Rain
  •  Setting for lens effect
  •  Setting for parallax
  •  OpenGLES 2.0





Real Rain Drops Pro LWP v1.1 APK FULL