Retimo Adventure v1.0.424.20160318 (MOD) APK

Retimo Adventure v1.0.424.20160318 (MOD) APK

Once you try Retimo Adventure, you’ll never go back.
This cuteness explosion will change your standard of adorable.
There’s no time to waste – play the cutest RPG ever right now!!

1. Get your hands on these adorable anime characters for a cuteness overload!!
– Fall in love with unique characters that come to life with vibrant animation.

2. The Rogue-like dungeon exploration system never gets boring!
– The game gets more and more exciting as you enter diverse new stages.

3. Use the skill transfer system to say, “My hero’s better than yours!”
– Craft your own hero by transferring skills!

4. Develop new strategies with attributes! Every hero counts!!
– Defeat tough enemies by combining opposing attributes!




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Retimo Adventure v1.0.424.20160318 (MOD) APK