Root Checker Advanced (PRO) v2.1.2 APK FULL

Root Checker Advanced (PRO) v2.1.2 APK FULL


Root Checker Advanced gives you an easy way to know if you have Root (Superuser or su) properly setup and installed in your Android Device. It also lets you check busybox installation and applets. Root Checker shows you the system paths for both Superuser and busybox binaries.

Root Checker Advanced give you an easy explanation of what is Root and what is Busybox.
The app has been updated with Material design and supports Root and Busybox detection in Android Nougat, Marshmallow, Lollipop, Icecream Sandwich, Jellybean, Gingerbread and even froyo

If you have any doubts regarding root like What is Root? What is BusyBox? How to root my phone? How to Root Check? All the questions will be answered in the application. Also, if you have any question’s that you want to know but are not there in Info, It’s very easy, download the application, go to Info Screen, Scroll down to the bottom and select the yellow FAQ card, now you send us a question regarding Root and we’ll answer it within 2 days.


  • More Root Information
  • Fastest Root Check
  • More Busybox Information
  • Better experience
  • Find the best root apps
  • Daily Premium Updates
  • No Ads

If you are finding how to root your phone, try to search in Google or XDA-Developers forum, there are lots of useful guides to root your Android phone.
The model that you need to follow to find a good guide is something like that:
“How to Root” + Phone Name
For example, if I have a Samsung Galaxy Mini, you will search –> How to Root Galaxy Mini, and if you don’t find it I can add more information —> How to Root Galaxy Mini S5570I.
Easy, right?





Root Checker Advanced (PRO) v2.1.2 APK FULL