SD Maid Pro – Unlocker APK FULL

SD Maid Pro – Unlocker APK FULL


SD Maid will help you keep your device clean and tidy!
It’s a collection of tools to manage applications and files.

This app unlocks the “Pro” status in the free version of SD Maid, enabling all additional features.
This is not a stand-alone app. You still need to install the free version of SD Maid.

Among the “Pro” features being unlocked by this app are:

  • AppCleaner: An extension of what others call ‘Cache Cleaner’. It targets all files that are not critical and are recreated if necessary.
  • Duplicates: Finds files you have multiple copies of. It works with any type of file, including pictures, videos and documents.
  • Scheduler: Allowing you to schedule automatic execution of SD Maids features.
  • Widgets: To allow quick access from your home screen to functions of your choice.
    and various small convenience functions such as picture previews.

Please see SD Maid – System Cleaner for further information!

SD Maid is very powerful; use it at your own risk.

Don’t hesitate to send me a mail if you have questions or concerns.

Obtaining SD Maid from unofficial sources puts your device at risk.





SD Maid Pro – Unlocker APK FULL