Sense Black/Red cm13 theme v1.25 APK FULL

Sense Black/Red cm13 theme v1.25 APK FULL


Sense Black for the theme engine based on CM13, CM12 and CM12.1. Available for MM and Lollipop roms (android 6.0.X and 5.X.X). – CyanOS too.


  • Arcus support:
    – 5 colors (only apps): Pink, Terracotta, Crimson, Pure Red, Maroon;
    – N style;
  • Black style with red accent color;
  • Themed all system apps and c-apps;
  • Font for all Latin and Cyrillic alphabets;
  • Animated icons for “Settings” and “Power Menu”;
  • True Sense switches;
  • Google apps: Hangouts, Play Store, Gmail, Play Music, Messenger, Camera, Keyboard.
  • CyanogenOS apps: Dialer Next, Camera Next, Gallery Next, AudioFX and icons.

Included in the theme:

  • Alarms, application Icons, boot animation, fonts, notifications, ringtones and wallpapers;
  • System UI: lock screen, quick settings, status bar, navigation bar and power menu;
  • Audiofx;
  • Browser;
  • Calculator;
  • Calendar;
  • Camera (aosp and google);
  • Clock;
  • CM account;
  • CM updater;
  • Contacts;
  • Dialer;
  • Documents;
  • Eleven (music);
  • File manager;
  • Gallery;
  • Google now launcher;
  • Google settings;
  • Google search;
  • Keyboard (aosp and google);
  • Messages;
  • Radio;
  • Snap camera;
  • Settings;
  • Sound recorder;
  • Themes;
  • Trebuchet (cm launcher);
  • Widgets;
  • Whatsapp;
    and other applications.






Sense Black/Red cm13 theme v1.25 APK FULL