Settings Editor Pro v1.8a APK FULL

Settings Editor Pro v1.8a APK FULL


This app allows you to easily add, change or remove items in (close to) stock Android Settings.

On first launch this app will get a list of all the settings items. You can add one by simply clicking the plus button. You can remove an item by long pressing it or edit one by clicking it. You can change the name, category, icon and application/fragment to launch.

Other settings:

  •  Change amount of columns
  •  Only show icons
  •  Change icon size
  •  Remove icon background
  •  Enable or disable color filter of icons
  •  Launch an app by clicking its icon in the InstalledAppDetails activity

You can easily modify a setting by just clicking it or remove the modification by long clicking it.






Settings Editor Pro v1.8a APK FULL