Skinny Clock – UCCW Skin v1.0 APK

Skinny Clock – UCCW Skin v1.0 APK


This skin pack has 4 different skinny skin designs included. You can change colours, time format, and each one has 3-4 hotspots. Magic.

Please carefully read through all of the notes and instructions if this is your first UCCW Skin. After it is installed you won’t find this skin/widget listed in your app drawer, it will only be visible when adding a new widget to your home screens.

Add the widget to your home screen.

  • Add a new widget in the usual way (ie. press and hold on a blank part of your home screen).
  • Select UCCW and the size you would like, this depends on how many rows/columns you have your launcher set to. I use and recommend Apex Launcher.
  • From the list of widgets, select “Square Home”
  • Resize the widget if necessary and touch the pointing finger.






Skinny Clock – UCCW Skin v1.0 APK