Space Food Truck v1.2.2 (Mod) APK Full

Space Food Truck v1.2.2 (Mod) APK Full


Space Food Truck is a cooperative, culinary sci-fi adventure. 1-4 players take on unique roles aboard the Galaxy Gourmet, and they’ll all need to work in concert to succeed! Just like on a real space food truck.

  •  The Captain charts your course.
  •  The Chef crafts delicious recipes.
  •  The Scientist researches powerful abilities.
  •  The Engineer repairs and upgrades the ship.

Each character begins the game with a small deck of 10 cards, which you’ll play to move around the ship and do your job. You must add a card to your personal deck each turn, and you’ll be reshuffling and drawing items and abilities from it all game long.

Your mission: complete three recipe objectives before a cruel fate claims your ship! You’ll scour a procedurally generated galaxy in search of exotic ingredients, craft them into delicious dishes, and take them to the planets that crave them.


  •  Supports 1-4 players.
  •  Pass the device locally, or take turns online with asynchronous play.
  •  Cross platform support: play with anyone on any supported device!
  •  4 Difficulties: Mild, Medium, Thai Hot, and Dragon Sweat
  •  Our procedural galaxy holds new surprises every play through!
  •  Games last 1-2 hours, save and stop anytime.
  •  27 Achievements to tackle





Space Food Truck v1.2.2 (Mod) APK Full