Space Scavenger APK

Space Scavenger APK

Space Scavenger

Commander of Space flight crew has screwed up! He was de-ranked to a mere cosmic scavenger. Now, trying to restore his reputation, he is forced to obey the headstrong mentally unstable woman – the commander of the 3rd star division. Now he has to collect space junk. Taste how it feels like…

“Game – super! There are things to do during the break”
“Wow! I really like this game!”
“Five! Ever wanted to have something on my phone”
“Great! Simple and tasteful”


  • A brand new format in the world of modern casual games.
  • The innovative physics-based game mechanics.
  • Cute characters and aliens with unusual abilities.
  • 3 gaming campaigns with a unique story.
  • 10 dynamic missions in each campaign.
  • Humorous dialogues for each mission.
  • Superb graphics and memorable music and sound design.
  • Monstropedia with all the characters from the game.




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Space Scavenger APK