Stamps Icon Pack v1.0.2 (Premium) APK

Stamps Icon Pack v1.0.2 (Premium) APK


Ever wondered how it would look like if our actual “icons” were stamps like in the good ‘ol days of mails?
We tried to bring back this flavour ! Old Fashioned stuff never dies !!
First thing we’ve done was to make the stamps look like they were old and ruined as if it was a century this pack was waiting in a mail box!
Then we glued the new icons of this era on it 😀 mixing all together on bright,shiny screens like those of devices you own 😉
We added some backgrounds wallpapers to finish it off with a real touch of the past century 😉

Compatible with most of your favourite launchers!

and soon some more! We’re constantly upgrading it!

Just try it and if you encounter problems shoot us a mail ! We’ll be happy to solve it!

If you have suggestions don’t hesitate and write !!





Stamps Icon Pack v1.0.2 (Premium) APK