Stone Farm v01.1173 APK FULL

Stone Farm v01.1173 APK FULL

Stone Farm

Welcome to your Stone Farm! A prehistoric farming game set in a beautiful land surrounded by lush jungle forest and a twisting river with a spectacular waterfall.

Build your own unique Stone Farm, grow and trade your fresh crops and exotic goods with your adorable Neolithic neighbours and friends.

Share your farm with strange and wonderful prehistoric animals

Fulfil orders and go on exciting adventures in this primordial land before time! Reveal the mysteries of this Palaeolithic land.

Stone Farm Features:

  • Planting and collecting crops, trees and bushes
  • Clearing the land around you to expand your farm
  • Decorating your farm with flowers, roads, fences, etc.
  • Caring for your animals and collecting goods from them: eggs, milk, meat, wool
  • Fishing and Mining
  • Producing and selling products to other players
  • Visiting and assisting your neighbours with reviving their trees and fulfilling their orders
  • Completing orders from order board and from the Turtle




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Stone Farm Screenshot 1

Stone Farm v01.1173 APK FULL