Stop It v1.04 APK FULL

Stop It v1.04 APK FULL


By stopping the shapes which are growing or rotating at the right time, pass the levels.

Game Features:

  • Game has 2 different play modes which are Level Mode and Challenge Mode
  • In Challenge Mode new shapes appear when the player could stop the shape at the right point. There are 2 signs for player to know pass to a new shape in Challenge Mode. Those are DONE and EXCELLENT writing on above.EXCELLENT means player stop the shape at the right time. DONE means player couldnt stop the shape exactly where it should stop instead he stopped it at an acceptable point. As the player keeps getting DONE acceptable point shrinks so player more possibly fail at the next shape.
  • In Level Mode there are 100 levels and each level has a different variety of shape and pace.
  • There is also Level Select option that player is able to choose the level he/she wants to play in Level Mode.






Stop It v1.04 APK FULL