SystemCleanup v5.08 APK

SystemCleanup v5.08 APK


best system / cache cleaner in market ;o) hold your system clean and free of bloatware. disable autostart / autorun of apps and services and …


  • Freeze/Remove Bloatware (it include a short description of common Apks)
  • Move Userapps to /System/App to save Space
  • Completely Odexfile aware (it shows the odex/dalvik file in detailview)
  • Odex Apps directly On Phone to save Space on /data
  • you’ll get a notification if such an app is updated via Market
  • cleanup App cache
  • cleanup *dead* “/data/data//*.*” folder if apk is removed
  • cleanup “/system/etc/product/applications/*.*”
  • cleanup “/system/etc/customization/applications”
  • cleanup “.android_secure/smdl2tmp1.asec”
  • cleanup empty or duplicated Playlists
  • cleanup dalvik-cache remove unused classes.dex files




SystemCleanup 2

SystemCleanup 1

SystemCleanup v5.08 APK