ThundAlert Thunderstorm Alarm v1.8 (Paid) APK

ThundAlert Thunderstorm Alarm v1.8 (Paid) APK


is there a storm coming my way? Am I in danger?” ThundAlert gives you the answer! With forecast lead times of up to one hour – when you might still be gazing at a blue summer sky –, ThundAlert informs you via push notification as to whether a thunderstorm is moving in your direction or is already dangerously close.

ThundAlert perfectly complements your allround weather apps!

How does it work?
ThundAlert always knows exactly where thunderstorms are and in which direction they will be moving within the next hour. But ThundAlert does not provide a weather forecast like other weather apps. This is because the company nowcast professionally measures the actual strokes of lightning in real time and has developed the unique “Nowcasting” algorithm, which is able to calculate the direction of movement of a storm cell by up to an hour in advance. In this manner, ThundAlert can depict the storm cells and inform you as to whether and, in particular, when you may be threatened by a storm. The degree of precision offered by this function is unparalleled!

ThundAlert helps people outdoors in detecting dangerous storms in good time, thus enabling them to get to safety.

3 danger levels

  • Green danger level: No danger – there is no thunderstorm close to you; existing thunderstorm reports do not overlap with your location.
  • Amber danger level: Caution – a storm cell is moving towards the user and will reach your position in less than 60 minutes. Or: Although a passing thunderstorm is currently not moving in your direction, it is nearby (about 25 km away).
  • Red danger level: Life-threatening situation – at least one storm cell is closer than 10 km or already above you.

Automatic warning
ThundAlert promptly sends you a push notification for every danger level in order to warn you. In addition, a map of Europe provides you with a view of the thunderstorm situation throughout the country at any time. Including the one-hour forecast!

Who is the app for?
For outdoor enthusiasts such as anglers, mountain-climbers, cyclists, golfers, festival organizers and visitors, motorcyclists, sailing buffs, surfers, paragliders, horse-riders, hikers, water-sports enthusiasts, campers and everyone whose job involves spending time outdoors frequently or to a large extent.

Overview of functions
push notification as soon as the risk of a storm threatens the location in question
map of Europe for an overview of the current storm situation over Europe
area map for an overview of the storm situation at the user’s own location






ThundAlert Thunderstorm Alarm v1.8 (Paid) APK