Timesheet (Paid) v1.6.0.8 APK FULL

Timesheet (Paid) v1.6.0.8 APK FULL


Timesheet is an easy solution to keep track your working hours, calculate salary, send timesheet to manager and invoice clients.

Worker and service technician keep an eye on thier customer-working-time. Sales men get a mileage list by the way and on top they get a work hour sheet per client.

The paid version includes all features.

Time track

  •  Add time record easily
  •  Add time record by punch in, punch out and pause
  •  Update, delete and copy time record
  •  View time record in yearly, monthly, biweekly, weekly and daily
  •  View time record by calendar
  •  Filter time record by status, project and client
  •  Sort Time record in open, follow up, invoiced and paid
  •  Auto overtime calculation


  •  Support multiple jobs and clients
  •  Choose clients from phone contacts
  •  Default start time, end time and breaks
  •  Round time to 3, 5, 6, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes
  •  Daily/weekly overtime


  •  Register expense category, amount, date and note
  •  Register mileage, rate, date and note
  •  Show expense with time in report and invoice


  •  Customize report fields
  •  Report in Microsoft Excel (XML), HTML and CSV
  •  Save report in SDCard or by Email


  •  Create invoice in PDF
  •  Customize invoice fields
  •  Invoice # in letter and number
  •  Customize tax name and rate
  •  Partial paid


  •  Bar chart with monthly amount
  •  Line chart with monthly amount


  •  Support your country currency(41)
  •  Password protection
  •  Auto default value
  •  Configurable first day of the week, biweek and month
  •  Support hour in decimal or hours:minutes format
  •  Support time in 24 hour or AM/PM format
  •  Support date in various formats


  •  Auto backup database to SD card or Dropbox™ when exit the app
  •  Manual backup database to SD card, Dropbox™ and Google Docs™
  •  Restore database from SD card, Dropbox™ and Google Docs™
  •  Email database
  •  Clean all time records



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Timesheet (Paid) v1.6.0.8 APK FULL