Tina a Assistente Revoltada v1.38 APK

Tina a Assistente Revoltada v1.38 APK

Tina is the new virtual assistant by voice command that will surprise you. Full of jokes, stupid phrases and behavior not at all ‘common’ for a mobile assistant, it will provide many moments of fun for you and your friends.

How does it work?

The first step is to click on your new assistant (careful not to choke her). So will open on the screen a microphone where you through a voice command, will ask a question or give an order for Tina. Get ready to get some kicks …

What can I ask?

Tina answers several questions, such as: “Who do you love?”, “Which singer you like?”, “What do you think so and so?” …
In addition, your new virtual assistant tells jokes, philosophical and still play the game of truth or dare with you. Just do not go I talk about football with her right? After all she hates all times …

It is useful?

Yes, although angry and disgusted, remember that Tina is a personal assistant, ie, with it you can open sites (eg open google), open WhatsApp, browse maps (map …), have access weather, open your camera, watch some video (watch command), access social networks (Facebook and Twitter), and research something (eg “search Machado de Assis”).

Follow all the main controls that your little crazy virtual assistant already accounts:

  •  Open WhatsApp
  •  Open Skype
  •  Go to ‘address’ (Tina triggers the Waze GPS)
  •  Change Clothes
  •  Call …
  •  Opening Messages
  •  Open Sites (globe, UOL, Baixaki …)
  •  Open Facebook / Twitter
  •  Watch (name of you to watch)
  •  Listen (name you want to hear)
  •  Schedule (Access your calendar)
  •  Open Camera
  •  Take Picture
  •  Weather Forecast
  •  Horoscope (Tina is not responsible for the results)
  •  Open Calculator
  •  Open Email
  •  Send a message with the text you speak
  •  Bind
  •  Open Wifi
  •  Change Wallpaper / Change Backgrounds
  •  Who was … (a search is made in Wikipedia about the person)
  •  Download … (It is made a search on google play by that application)

Tina will get smarter every day and will soon be among the most complete virtual assistants market.





Tina a Assistente Revoltada v1.38 APK