Toon Town 3D LiveWallpaper (PRO) v1.01 APK FULL

Toon Town 3D LiveWallpaper (PRO) v1.01 APK FULL


Toon Town 3D is a live wallpaper that runs in full 3D on your android home screen and lock screens. Beautiful toon style graphics and cute little vehicles driving around the streets make this a rich background for your applications and to show off to your friends.**DONT CHANGE SETTINGS FROM STANDARD LIVE WALLPAPER SETTING MENU**

Use the app icon in the standard android menu or double tap your home screen (if your phone model allows it) to access settings. This is a known bug with Unity3D and live wallpapers.

**INSTALLATION** – Once the wallpaper has been downloaded and installed, go to your home screen and long press the wallpaper > Wallpaper > Live Wallpapers > Toon Town 3D Free > Set Wallpaper



  •  MULTIPLE Fully 3D camera angles of the toon town (Helicopter, Satellite, Rising view and NEW follow vehicle camera)
  •  Watch the tiny vehicles drive around the streets
  •  EXTRA VEHICLES Vans, trucks, buses, emergency vehicles and boats
  •  Animated water
  •  Fun bouncing turn animation on vehicles
  •  Ability to change camera speed along with lots more customisation options.
  •  Highly optimised HD graphics to run as smoothly as possible on your phone.
  •  Runs only when viewing home screen so as to save battery and cpu.

Can take a moment to load on older phones, but please be patient 🙂







Toon Town 3D LiveWallpaper (PRO) v1.01 APK FULL