Tower Defense Heroes v1.4 APK

Tower Defense Heroes v1.4 APK

Tower Defense

Protect military bases from the enemies who do not want to pay for travel on your road! Use all possible modifications of the towers, in order that no one would have been able to reach your base!

Is waiting for you:

  • 24 different towers with various weapons. Each turret as a set of experiences, can go to a high-tech level.
  • A skill tree of 16 different skills.
  • Leveling and 20 levels of player. Each killed enemy, gain experience. And every level of three points for a skill tree.
  • The first 10 levels for the first world.
  • 8 different types of enemies.
  • Superb graphics, made in the style minimalistiki.




Tower Defense Screenshot 2

Tower Defense Screenshot 1

Tower Defense Heroes v1.4 APK