Turbo Boat Dash v1.04 APK

Turbo Boat Dash v1.04 APK

Turbo Boat Dash

Steer your boat through perilous waters. Crocodiles, sharks, mines, and many more obstacles will try and block your path, but with a little luck, and a wee bit of magic, you’ll find yer name atop the scoreboards. Besides the obstacles, you’ll find jumps, hoops and coins be yer friends.

Collect coins to unlock new boats.
Collect all the hoops throughout the game to unlock the pirate ship or even the Titanic…

Don’t be fooled, at first it may seem easy to navigate these waters, but as you progress even the slightest mistake will send you sinking to the depths of Davy Jones Locker.




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Turbo Boat Dash v1.04 APK