Turbo Booster PRO v1.0e APK FULL

Turbo Booster PRO v1.0e APK FULL

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Optimize, clean and speed up your Android tablet and mobile devices with Turbo Booster. With this one-tap cleaner, you’ll be able to free up RAM memory, free up disk space as well as manage and delete apps.

Features ( Include pro) :

  • SPEED UP YOUR ANDROID : Turbo Booster works in the background to speed up your Android devices, giving you better performance, more free memory and a vastly impoved user experience. Turbo booster is also the ideal app for those who need a battery saver or a speed booster for playing the most demanding games.
  • FREE UP RAM MEMORY : With our Android cleaner you can recover and free up RAM memory by killing unnecessary running tasks. It stops unused and hidden apps from using valuable system resources that could be better used by important apps.
  • FREE UP DISK SPACE : Turbo Booster also speeds up your devices by freeing up storage space, cleaning junk files and removing non-functional cache files. You’ll get more free space without harming your devices in any way.
  • DELETE APPS :Fewer apps means more free space and better performance for your devices. Using an unused-apps detector, Turbo Booster generates a list of your least used apps and helps you uninstall them with just one touch.
  • OPTIMIZER :With this new feature, you’ll get an overview of your Android’s performance whenever you want.
    Background monitoring: Choose between silent mode or to receive a notification when your device needs to be re-boosted.
  • Easily speed up your tablet and mobile devices
  • Make your games run faster by using it as a speed booster to kill unnecessary running tasks
  • Get a longer battery life by using it as a battery saver
  • Know when you’re low on memory and performance
  • Delete apps you don’t use with just one touch
  • Save disk space by cleaning junk files
  • Enjoy smooth transitions between apps
  • We have disabled push notifications by default in order to don’t disturb to our users.
  • New System Monitor bar.
  • Identify and uninstall least used apps in your device.
  • Android App info improvements
  • Ads reducition to get a better user experience

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Turbo Booster PRO v1.0e APK FULL