Ubu UCCW Theme v1.1 APK FULL

Ubu UCCW Theme v1.1 APK FULL


This is a UCCW skins pack with which you can theme your device to look like Ubuntu phone OS. There are several hi-quality app cards with shadow effect and there’s a beautiful clock. Plus header skins to categorize each homescreen.


  •  This Ubu theme pack contains 3 sets of skins + a mind blowing clock. The sets are
  •  Favorite. Contains a header skin + 6 app skins – Game, Maps, News, Files and 2 more.
  •  Essentials. Contains a header skin + 7 app skins – Calls, Contacts, Text, Settings, Calendar, Weather and one more.
  •  Media. Contains a header skin + 6 app skins – Music, Gallery, Browser, Camera, Mails and one more.
  •  Plus a superbly beautiful clock.
  •  Assign the apps you want to each of the hotspots. Total of 21 hotspots.
  •  You can change color of the text and hour format of the clock too.
  •  There is an alternate version to this theme available. Check in “More from developer” below.

To use this skin, you have to install, apply and optionally edit/assign hotspots to the skin.


  •  After downloading the skin app from play store, launch it.
  •  Tap “Install Skin” button in the app.
  •  Tap “Ok” when it asks you whether you want to replace app. This step is replacing the skin installer with the actual skin. OR
  •  If you are using a KitKat device, it’ll ask whether you want to update the existing app.
  •  Tap “Install”. When that finishes, tap “Done”. Skin is now installed.


  • Recommendation – Use Apex or Nova launcher. Grid size 8×6. Horizontal and Vertical margin = None. Dock as overlay and hidden.
  • Place a UCCW widget of 2×2 size on the homescreen. You can do so by dragging the widget from app drawer or by long pressing homescreen to pull up widget menu.
  • This will open the skins list. Skins installed from play store will show up ONLY HERE.
  • Tap on the skin you want to apply and it’ll be applied to the widget.
  • Repeat the steps to place any number of widgets.
  • Long press on the widgets and resize them. Header skins need to be resized to 6×1 and the app skins need to be resized to 2×3.






Ubu UCCW Theme v1.1 APK FULL