VRTV Video Player v2.8.4 Paid APK

VRTV Video Player v2.8.4 Paid APK


Watch your favorite videos in VR with VRTV Video Player and a Cardboard compatible headset! Enjoy shutting out the world around you and immersing yourself in complete privacy or play your video in sync with a friend and watch together.


  •  Synchronization feature! Enjoy watching a movie together with another Cardboard friend!
  •  Subtitles in SRT format, with full support for RTL languages and Unicode characters.
  •  Immersive virtual environment.
  •  Player controls in VR.
  •  Game pad and keyboard controls.
  •  Supports 3D and 2D movies in a variety of formats: SBS, Over and Under, Panoramic video in 180 (dome) and 360 degrees, Fisheye projection.
  •  Simple material design.
  •  Uses the latest Cardboard SDK with less drift.
  •  Headset configuration.
  •  Streaming files over a network.


  • Select your file, and configure video properties. They will be remembered next time you open the file.
  • Use the in-VR UI to play/pause or skip forward and backward in your movie. You can also click the progress bar to control the video position.
  • Synchronization instructions:
  • Synchronization is a new feature that keeps a movie in sync between two devices. To enable sync, first set up the IP of your peer in Settings, where you can also find the IP of your own device.
  • Select a video to play. If it’s a local video it must be present on both devices.
  • In the VR UI, click the “sync” button on both devices to enable synchronization.
  • On one of the devices, start the video by pressing the play button. After a small delay, the movie will start playing synchronized on both devices.
  • Seeking and network play is supported!

Upcoming features in development:

  • YouTube support.
  • More configuration options.
  • VR UI improvements.
  • Synchronization improvements.






VRTV Video Player v2.8.4 Paid APK