Watten Kartenspiel v2.4.0.0 Paid APK Full

Watten Kartenspiel v2.4.0.0 Paid APK Full


Finally it’s here, the Watten app for Android, which leaves nothing to be desired!
Play alone against the computer or with your couple on one device!
And if the standard Watterer is not even enough, they can make in the settings many changes (see below).
Beginners useful features are incorporated to a real Watten to be professional.


  •  Appealing and clear Spielfeld- and card making
  •  2 or 4 player mode
  •  Detailed game stats (wins, Critical, Withdrawn)
  •  Gameplay and last games viewable for analysis
  •  During and after the game you can watch all engravings and maps the player again
  •  Built-Watt meter, as pen and paper replacement for proper Watten at the Stammtisch

Many options, u.a:

  •  Freely configurable players (computer or human) and players names, thus also possible to play on a second device.
  •  Highlight of cards by weights for a good overview
  •  On request proposes the computer to the player before what card he should play (suitable for beginners)
  •  Implying Player to see cards of computer-Partner
  •  Game speed, sound and vibration adjustable
  •  Sortable player’s hand from left to right or vice versa

Special rules can be activated for even more fun:

  •  Las Vegas Watten (64 cards instead of 32)
  •  Critical switched off
  •  On or off Ausschaffen
  •  Point limit set





Watten Kartenspiel v2.4.0.0 Paid APK Full