White Island: Season 2 v2.0.4.1 APK

White Island: Season 2 v2.0.4.1 APK

‘White Island: Season 2: The Broken Lead Heart’

  •  You can find Season 1 in the “Story Selection” menu
  •  Once you make an in-app purchase, you can enjoy the released episodes immediately without any latency.
  •  But if you want to play for free there is a long waiting period after clearing each episode.

Hospital taken over by the terrorist! What will you do to save your kidnapped sister? Your mystery adventure starts with downloading the app!

  • The truth is revealed by the choices you make.
  • A real, traditional adventure–not just another “find the hidden object game!”

The most cinematic mobile adventure game.

  •  Fully immersive design and execution, pushing the envelope of what’s possible on a smartphone.
  •  We invite you into a game-world as suspenseful as any thriller movie!

Two scenarios, intricately interwoven…

  •  The ones who try to protect their friends, and the ones who just want to survive until the end.
  •  The two characters’ stories unfold before colliding in a diverging truth.

Detailed and realistic screens.

  •  A dark blue sea with 3D effects, pouring and flowing rain, and characters who change depending on the location.
  •  We’re proud to present a unique gaming experience.

Both classical and stylish music and sound effects…

  •  Original music and sound effects to heighten the suspense to its maximum!
  •  Sounds worth wearing earphones for.




White Island: Season 2 v2.0.4.1 APK