Xaian CM13 / CM12.x v1.9.7 PRO APK

Xaian CM13 / CM12.x v1.9.7 PRO APK


I designed this theme based on MIUI v7 adding my design
to enhance the small details and make a clean theme
with nice colors in each of the themed apps.

Besides the theme includes icons for all Aosp apps,
Boot animation, sounds, fonts, wallpapers, and more.

This Theme work on CM13 / 12.1 / 12
And other roms with support for themes by Cyanogen


Restart the device after applying this theme.

Not request icons, I will add the most important.

The navigation bar shows only the main color of the app.

We recommend using a font size slightly smaller than normal.






Xaian CM13 / CM12.x v1.9.7 PRO APK