XDA Lab v1.0.8.1b APK FULL

XDA Lab v1.0.8.1b APK FULL


XDA is the first and only app built entirely in-house with our own API to access the famous XDA Forums. XDA-Developers.com is the world’s largest Android forum where you can come to discover apps, ROMs, root tools, kernels, and more, or you can make some friends and just talk about phones.


  •  Fast
  •  Fully material design
  •  Read, write, and reply to threads
  •  Full support for quotes/mention
  •  Light/dark themes
  •  Notification support
  •  Great search tools

New Feature :

  •  [feature] Search in-thread
  •  [feature] My Device section
  •  [fix] Threads loading on top of eachother
  •  [fix] Shortcuts always go to end of thread



Screenshot vilkpmnf


XDA Lab v1.0.8.1b APK FULL