Zapf Chancery FlipFont v2.1 APK FULL

Zapf Chancery FlipFont v2.1 APK FULL


FlipFont™ changes the user interface font on your phone.

Zapf Chancery™ Latin FlipFont Zapf Chancery™ is a stylish script based on handwritten letter forms of the Italian Renaissance. The strong calligraphic effect adds a humanist touch to any text or greeting and is useful for menus.

Pan-European character set supports Western, Central and Eastern European languages.

Attention! Please check the following before you purchase. Go to Setting->Display, check if you see “Font syle” in the menu (FF icon in the font list). If not, that mean your device does not support FlipFont.

Supported devices: Samsung Galaxy devices, except the Google Play Edition.






Zapf Chancery FlipFont v2.1 APK FULL